Confessions of a Shopaholic

March 11th, 2009 | 4 Comments | Film
Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

Directed by P.J. Hogan
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer
Written by (Novels:) Sophie Kinsella, (Screenplay:) Tim Firth, Tracey Jackson
Starring: Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Krysten Ritter
Music by James Newton Howard
Cinematography: Jo Willems
Editing by William Goldenberg
Distributed by Touchstone Pictures
Release date: 11 March 2009 (Indonesia)
Running time: 104 min.
Country: United States
Language: English

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4 Comments about “Confessions of a Shopaholic”

  1. iyus says:

    bagus…diawali dgn baik, diakhiri dgn baik.
    tidak ada pemain yg terlalu menonjol/norak/dominan.

  2. QIt says:

    gw suka bgt ni yg ky gn…
    ttg fashion2 ma yg mewah2 gt..

  3. Ocha says:

    Crita fashionista
    bjunya kren2
    perfect . .


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